Mission & Vision

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Vision Statement

The vision of the Dream Center is to see thousands of hurting people to come and know a new life through Jesus Christ and be able to dream again.

Mission Statement

Our ministry provides hope and healing by meeting both the tangible and spiritual needs of those in our community. We’re committed to REACHING OUT and BUILDING UP.

Reaching Out

Our mission is not to convert people but to love and accept them. We are committed to soul-winning; however, we believe that this takes place organically when we share, love, and engage in the lives of people around us. This doesn’t mean that we are spineless people who never stand up for the truth. We are just more focused on connecting people to God and His word, not just winning an argument.

Building Up

You can give a person a fish or you can teach them how to fish. One fish will satisfying a person for a meal, but teaching them how to fish will allow them to eat for a lifetime. In order to fulfill Jesus’ commandment of making disciples we need to move lost and hurting people beyond inspiration and help them to a point of transformation in life. We’re dedicated to spend the necessary time, energy, and finances to make such permanent changes.