Backpack of Hope


Pittsburgh children are going to bed hungry and we are doing something about it!

One of the four main outcomes of the Pittsburgh Dream Center, faith based non-profit organization, is hunger relief. We have read and understand the statistics that one out of four children are going to bed hungry each evening.

To meet this need, last year we started a weekend feeding program for Centennial Elementary students in McKeesport, PA called “Backpack of Hope,” which provides six simple made meals for children to consume during the school weekend.

We were able to provide over 3,000 meals during last school year. Our goal this year is to help 40 students where 7,200 meals will be provided.

A backpack of food (six meals) cost $8.00 per weekend. One child can be assured food each weekend for the school year with a gift of $288.

An elementary school student is waiting for your help. Please prayerfully consider getting involved by: Financially sponsor a week ($8) or an entire school year ($288) with a financial donation.