The Pittsburgh Dream Center is impacting Pittsburgh neighborhoods by reaching out in various ways. The acts of kindness are simple, but the impact is grand. The Dream Center is looking for volunteers to assist in reaching and building the hurting and hopeless in the following outreach opportunities:


Adopt-A-Block: Volunteers led by Dream Center staff select a block in a neighborhood they adopt as their own. Each week the group goes door-to-door meeting the most basic needs residents may have. Acts of service may include picking up trash, mowing a lawn, planting flowers, washing windows, painting a house exterior, shoveling snow, and so much more. The goal is to build relationship with residents and assist them in gaining value of their own block and community. Residents are encouraged to get connected to their community by getting involved in community programs and local churches.

Backpack of Hope: We help combat children hunger through our “Backpack of Hope” feeding program. Every Thursday during the school year, we fill backpacks full of simple food to ensure children have enough to eat over the weekend. We drop off the backpacks Friday morning at a local school, where the issue of hunger is great.

Chosen: A group of female volunteers reach out to women in  local strip clubs. Our passion is to let these ladies know they have purpose and value.

Church Service (Dream Center Church): As we have reached out to meet tangible needs of  those in need through our various outreaches, we have witnessed a greater need to help people discover and live the life God created them for, and believe a church service is one of the means to help individuals spiritually.

Community Outreaches: Several times a year we host a one day community or holiday outreach  in various Pittsburgh neighborhoods partnering with local churches and organizations. We offer free services and goods during this outreach. Our goal is to help foster personal and spiritual growth long-term between the residents and local partners.

Midnight Call: Each Sunday evening we go downtown Pittsburgh in the evening and minister to the homeless, drug addicts, and prostitutes by taking food, blankets, and other items.

Mobile Food Bank: In desiring to continue to make a greater and consistent impact to those who are not able to receive sufficient assistance or have barriers in getting aid, because of physical and transportation issues; we launched a Mobile Food Bank program where we take food to east side Pittsburgh neighborhoods on a weekly and monthly basis.

Mobile Kids: A customized delivery truck was converted into a portable kids church. The truck is taken into Pittsburgh neighborhoods. Fun, enriching and exciting VBS programming is accessible to children.

You can get a complete schedule of Dream Center events on the calendar page.

Women’s Residential Discipleship Program: We offer a one-year residential discipleship program for women between the ages of 18-59.  The program focuses on spiritual, emotional, and relational wholeness. Disciples will participate in biblical classroom teachings, house chores, outreach events, church service…  This program is voluntarily and based on biblical principals.