Future Outreaches

Future Outreaches

Financial and human resources are essential for any business or church to grow and the same is true for the Pittsburgh Dream Center. We believe as we into hurting and hopeless lives the impact the Dream Center is making in the communities will be evident and will encourage others to give into the Dream Center as well, so we can implement additional outreach programs to make a greater difference in Western PA. Here is an inclusive list of just a few of the future outreach programs.

Athletic and Health Wellness Programs – The Pittsburgh Dream Center will offer athletic programs for all ages for optimal results in health and wellness and sportsmanship, and to promote healthy eating and lifestyles.  There will be basketball and volleyball leagues, a weight room, aerobics, and more athletic programs to be added. The Pittsburgh Dream Center partners with other children and youth recreational outdoor leagues to offer athletic activities year round. In addition to the activity programs the Pittsburgh Dream Centers will offer workshops on various health and nutrition courses.

The goal of this outreach program is to minister to the whole person concept of body, spirit, and mind. Individuals will learn the value of teamwork, sportsmanship, self-control, and the importance of incorporating exercise into one’s daily life.

Intern Program – The Pittsburgh Dream Center will only be able to accomplish all that it’s commissioned to do by the help of interns who volunteer for short-term and long-term periods. Interns will participate in a daily schedule of outreach activities and ministry events. Interns are responsible for all cost associated with their intern experience.

The goal of the internship program is to give each participant a hands-on-experience of outreach ministry and community service. We hope through the intern program individuals will find their purpose or have an enriching experience that will encourage them to accomplish new goals in life.

Feeding Program – Our feeding program will consist of two primary outreaches. The first phase of our food outreach will to be partner with various feeding programs, Food Banks, and other agencies to provide food and personal hygiene items to low-income and government subsidized communities. The second phase will be an evening meal program for those who may go to bed hungry otherwise. According to statistics 1 out of every 4 children go to bed hungry in Pittsburgh. Before individuals receive their meal they must take part in a 15 minutes devotional designed to encourage people with the circumstances they deal with on a daily basis. We also connect with people during this time to find out how we and other local organizations and partners might be able to offer assistances.

The goal of this outreach is to ensure each child and family has an opportunity for a meal each evening and to offer them an encouraging word and additional care.

Academic Programs – We not only want to assist individuals spiritually and physically, but we want to offer academic programs that will stimulate people’s learning. We believe with academic programs such as after school tutoring, GED, SAT preparation, college search and assistance, and computer classes people of all ages will be able to succeed academically.

The goal of these outreaches is to ensure each person is not limited in their academic skills or endeavors based on lack of resources or encouragement. We believe many individuals who would not complete high school or attend college will be inspired to increase their academic learning levels and will be able to fulfill career dreams.

Clothing Outreach – The Pittsburgh Dream Center will offer a clothing store with various dress items and attire for all people. Clothing items are received from individual and store donors.

The goal of this outreach is to help individuals and families have adequate clothing year round. We understand that economic limitations may not allow individuals or families the finances to purchase clothing, so we want to help people with this basic necessity.

Discipleship Program – The Pittsburgh Dream Center is planning to offer a men’s and woman’s discipleship program for those between the ages of 16-30. The Discipleship program is a one year discipline program that participants agree to the guidelines before acceptance into the program is given. Some of the disciplines of the program are physical, spiritual, emotional, and relational.

The goal of this program is not just to put a band-aid over the issues of one’s life, but it’s to touch an individual’s heart, so a positive and lasting transformation can occur in someone’s life. Troubled men and women who might not be given a second chance anywhere else can go through this program for a fresh start in life and be a positive influence in society. The Los Angeles Dream Center has reported that 20-25% of their people go through their discipleship program do not go back to a lifestyle of homelessness, drugs, or violence. We’re looking for similar and greater results.

Under the Bridge – Teams will go into various homeless areas of Pittsburgh to build relationships with the homeless community. We will take everyday supplies such as groceries, personal hygiene items, blankets, etc. and an encouraging word of hope.
Our goal is to encourage homeless individuals to enter our discipleship program or another community program that will help them get back into society as a vital part of the community. We want to meet the physical and emotional needs of these individuals. Also, we look to connect to other homeless outreach ministries to make a greater impact in Pittsburgh.

Young Mothers Home – The Young Mothers Home is for pregnant girls below the age of 30 who need assistance and desire not to abort their baby. A special part of the Dream Center facility will house these special women and provides the necessary care to these mothers-to-be. Women in this program are equipped with necessary skills to maintain a job during and after their pregnancy. Support is given for after-birth care and permanent housing. Those who are unable to keep their child are given assistance to connect with local adoption agencies.

The goal for this outreach is that no young lady will abort their child, but will find acceptance and hope at the Young Mothers Home for their life and their child’s.

Medical Clinic– The Pittsburgh Dream Center is planning to work with medical professionals in order to offer basic medical care to individuals and families who are unable to afford medical care themselves. Individuals who seek medical care through the PDC must consent to all legal guidelines.

The goal of this outreach is to provide medical and spiritual care to help bring wholeness to individuals in spirit, body, and mind. It is our desire to offer the medical care on a consistent and growing basis.

Midnight Call– Midnight call will happen on Friday’s night as a group of individuals will go the streets of Pittsburgh to minister to prostitutes. Ladies from our teams will hand roses to female prostitutes and speak to them on the value that they posses in Christ and His love for them. Our teams will also encourage these ladies to get connected to the Dream Center and other agencies that can assist them.

Our goal is to encourage ladies entrapped in this lifestyle to find their value in Jesus and help them dream again. We believe that many prostitutes’ lives will be radically transformed through our discipleship program. We will do something special around Valentines and Christmas time for these special ladies.