Women’s Residential Discipleship


Restoration Home is the first women’s residency discipleship program sponsored by the PDC.  Restoration Home is to provide a place of hope and freedom for women dealing with life-controlling issues or desperate situations, for ladies between the ages of 18-59. The main concentrations are spiritual discipleship, character building and life disciplines.  These include areas like prayer, bible study, vocational and volunteer work, services to local churches and organizations, as well as, creating an individualized life plan.  The vision of Restoration Home’s Discipleship Program is to produce graduates who are self-sufficient, successful, productive, functional members of society.

In a twelve -month program, residents are held accountable and encouraged to reach their full potential in a faith –filled family style atmosphere.  Residents come to the Restoration Home with a myriad of physical, emotional, psychological, mental, relational, and spiritual issues.  It is the job of the leaders to seek the wisdom and discernment needed to assess what is needed to draw each resident one step closer to God while working toward their God-given purpose and destiny.

Experienced staff are present 24/7 to facilitate implementation and coordination of all that is needed to run the home effectively and efficiently.  Our goal is to graduate our residents from the program with the tools and character to live a successful and godly life.



  • To create a positive spiritual environment where the students feel safe, secure, and have all of their basic needs met.
  • To have a staff that is committed to going the extra mile in order to help students bring about a lifestyle change in their recovery process.
  • To enable students to become spiritually alive, emotionally stable, physically healthy, vocationally successful and socially active in all aspects of society.
  • To produce graduates that will be true disciples of Christ and messengers of hope, fulfilling the great commission to make disciples of all nations that will radically transform the world.



Restoration Home will be set up with a leader(s) who live in the home and provides what is needed for day to day living, such as maintaining schedules, appointments, household issues, transportation, and the like. The leader (s) is also responsible to make sure the residents abide by the guidelines set up in the handbook.



  • Personal devotions
  • Daily Bible readings with summaries
  • Scripture memorization
  • Church attendance
  • Focus on inner healing, prayer and purity
  • Character development activities
  • Goal setting activities
  • Training programs and homework
  • Accountability and discipline and program advancements
  • Volunteerism in support of the PDC and community
  • Working part time for businesses to develop skills, discipline and defray operating expense
  • Meal planning, preparation and house keeping
  • Down time (hanging out, art, journaling, letter writing, walks, and limited phone calls or TV)




  • In order to complete each level, disciples must meet all minimum requirements, complete all level work assignments, and turn them in to their Resident Advisor.
  • At the time of graduation, disciples may not have any unresolved discipline.
  • Disciples must have completed all curriculum requirements and have remained within the program for a minimum of 52 weeks.


Upon completion of The Restoration Home Discipleship Program, disciples will receive a certificate and participate in a special graduation ceremony.